Melanin Skin [Prod. by Mayfield]

by Raseth

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The rise of politicians like TRUMP and HANSON has exposed an uglyness that has been hidden in our society for a little while now. Hate, fear and prejudice is rampant globally, from all sides, to all people, and you only need to look at the comments on a Daily Telegraph or Sydney Morning Herald post (or my last video, and probably this one too) to see its effect in our own backyard.

The general populace is gullible. And that gullibility is easily moulded into fear. That fear is the fuel that powers politicians who are bent on their own arrogance and ascension. In other words, fear, based on ignorance, is the greatest form of control that politicians have over their citizens. This is not a historical first, and in fact has repeated over and over again, in every culture, in every era, and every empire. Moreover, this fear has consistently lead to each society's eventual downfall.

To give in to that fear is the cowards way. Fear begets fear. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Compassion and understanding is the only way forward. Do not fall victim to ignorance. Do not judge an entire people (black, white, yellow or blue) based on the actions of the few that the money-centric media choose to promote. This goes for all races, religions and colours.

If we don’t learn to love, or at least to be objective and get to know people who don’t look or act exactly like us, our society will fracture beyond repair.

I don’t want that to happen. That’s what this song is about. If you agree, PLEASE help by sharing this around as far and wide as possible. Feel free to discuss your views in the comments, as I'm sure will happen, too.


released January 31, 2017
Produced by Mayfield
Lyrics and performance by Raseth



all rights reserved